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World Avatar Day 2023





Manifest your Avatar Performance

August 14th 
5pm - 7pm IST

Join the wave of change!

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Happening ONLINE everywhere in the world

Discovering the path to
Golden Age

The journey to a time where humanity exists in harmony with nature, an era of elevated consciousness.

World Avatar Day 2023 is aimed at inspiring people to manifest their Avatar Performance which inturn will help in addressing the issues of the world while also seeking solutions that are practical and long-term. 

Let's get together to discover a new horizon, to discover the Golden Age.



Hitesh Chandel

Founder & Chief Mentor

Project Yug Parivartan

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Glimpse of World Avatar Day 2021


A new world beckons you.

An enriching experience awaits you. 

We have brought an eminent panel to ignite the fire of spiritual awakening and self-actualization in you. 

for you
Event Schedule

August 14

17:00 to 17:15

Starting off at 5 pm we will begin with Project YugParivartan Synergy Meditation and Context Setting setting the tone for a transformative journey.

17:15 to 18:00

From 5:15 pm to 6 pm we will have the privilege of witnessing short videos from all the selected entries each sharing their unique turning point. Get inspired by diverse stories of resilience determination and personal growth.

18:00 to 18:45

From 6 pm to 6:45 pm it's your chance to be part of the live audience and share your inspiring story. Don't miss the opportunity to uplift and motivate others with your own experiences.

18:45 to 18:50

At 6:45 pm we will take a moment to create the golden age through a collective pledge uniting everyone in a shared vision of positive change.

18:50 to 19:00

 Finally at 6:50 pm we will conclude the event with a closing address leaving you motivated and ready to step into your own avatar.

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Project Yug Parivartan - The Big Picture

Project Yug Parivartan (PYP) is an epoch defining initiative propounded by DVC. The Founder Chief Mentor of DVC, has envisioned the transition of humanity, the world and the universe into the next Yuga as per the Eternal Cosmic Cycle described in his book, Code of Citizen’s Conduct (CCC). Towards this, DVC and its components/affiliates are working diligently and effectively to promote and aid the transition in the cosmic cycle through several forums being created and operated by the people on the path of Self-Actualization. The change to the new Yuga will throw up a complete metamorphosis of the world and universe as we know it today. It will involve transformation for humans internally and in all their interactions with the universe – spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. It will therefore touch upon values, health, income, consumption, nature, ecology, and so on.

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